2023 Partners


Expertise Partner

Alamar Biosciences is powering precision proteomics with automated, high throughput solutions for high sensitivity protein analysis across a range of multiplex levels. Our proprietary NULISA™ Platform utilizes a novel sequential capture and release method that significantly reduces background signal and increases the sensitivity and dynamic range compared with standard ELISA or PEA approaches. With both qPCR and NGS readouts, NULISA enables both focused analysis of validated biomarkers to highly multiplexed profiling of hundreds to ultimately thousands of proteins. The NULISAseq™ Inflammation Panel contains 204 important markers of immune response enabling comprehensive protein analysis of immune and inflammatory diseases and will be available to run on our ARGO™ System. This innovative system allows for a fully automated workflow with less than 30 minutes hands on time from sample to data, enabling highly reproducible results with CV’s of less than 10%. Currently Alamar offers access to NULISA through our Technology Access Program with expectations to commercialize both the Platform and Assay by end of Q4 2023.



Expertise Partner

From discovery to diagnostics, Quanterix’s ultrasensitive biomarker detection is fueling breakthroughs made possible through the Company’s unparalleled sensitivity and flexibility. Its industry-leading Simoa® precision instruments, digital immunoassay technology, and CLIA-certified Accelerator laboratory have supported research that advances disease understanding, management, and patient care in neurology, oncology, immunology, cardiology, and infectious disease for nearly two decades.