Partnership Opportunities

With C2N Diagnostics and AlzPath head-to-head in the race for pTau217 superiority and FDA approval, Fujirebio’s recent acquisition of ADx NeuroSciences, it’s no wonder the global CNS biomarkers market is projected to reach $9.5 billion in 2027.

But with so many new solutions entering the field, how are you looking to position your service as the frontrunner?

The 2nd Fluid & Imaging Biomarkers & Endpoints in Neuroscience Summit welcomes 90+ neuroscience drug developers eager to invest in solutions for optimized biomarker discovery, development and implementation; from more sophisticated PET tracers to advanced high-throughput screens of fluid biomarker candidates, this community is keen to hear your novel innovations to develop validated, non-invasive, sensitive biomarker measurements and determine efficacy sooner.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join this audience of invigorated neuroscientists who are paving the way for new preclinical technologies and clinical advances.

Past Partners Include:

Fluid & Imaging Biomarkers & Endpoints in Neuroscience
Fluid & Imaging Biomarkers & Endpoints in Neuroscience

CNS Biopharma Needs Your Help With:

Large-scale biomarker discovery platforms for early ID of novel biomarkers through comprehensive proteomic profiling

Genomic and proteomic solutions including sequencing, genotyping and protein quantification

Diagnostic tests for CNS disease

Imaging CROs & Clinical CROs with fluid biomarker capabilities

Data analysis and bioinformatics companies

AI & ML for optimal trial site selection and patient identification

Why Partner?

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Present your state-of-the-art technologies to an audience of highly engaged decision-makers across preclinical, translational, and clinical neurological development

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Establish greater brand awareness and position yourself as the go-to commercial partner for CNS biopharma seeking novel diagnostic screens, therapeutic monitoring platforms, and enhanced brain visualization tools

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Network one-to-one with key stakeholders to understand their biomarker challenges and desires for novel technologies first hand

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Take advantage of structured networking sessions to form new and meaningful connections with neuroscience startups yet to establish long-term commercial partners