Pallavi Sachdev

Pallavi Sachdev

Company: Eisai

Job title: Executive Director Translational Science, Clinical Evidence Generation, Deep Human Biology (CEG DHBL)


Panel Discussion: Multiomics, Longitudinal Data & Precision Medicine in the CNS: How Can we Get the Most Out of the Tools at Our Disposal? 9:00 am

Harnessing proteomics to identify early signatures of risk factors for neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disease Redefining disease heterogeneity with discrete biomarker populations Building up a network of internal and external capabilities to get the most out of complex patient data, producing quantitative biological insightsRead more

day: Conference Day One

Leveraging Omics, AI & Natural History Studies for Cutting-Edge Biomarker Discovery in Neuroscience for Precision Medicine 1:00 pm

With innovations in AI and omics technology opening the floodgates to biomarker breakthroughs for the CNS, how can we ensure biomarker discovery and validation is key in neuroscience? This session will explore how these innovative approaches are revolutionizing our understanding of complex neurological diseases and paving the way for precision medicine? Join this session to:…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop C

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